Pact is trying to turn social justice into a subscription service

The collective wants to help people maximize the impact of their donations, and be completely transparent about how they are used.

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The year 2020 was one of awakening for America. Themes of racial inequality, accountability, and wealth disparity made up most discussions, and last summer saw thousands of dollars donated to social justice organizations. Trump was even voted out of office — but these deep-rooted problems didn’t follow him out the door, nor did they start when he took office in 2016.

Instead, we’re facing Biden’s bipartisan calls for “unity,” as well as a noticeable lack of stimulus checks. Bleak winter weather has us feeling overwhelmed, and our individual efforts to encourage change are slowing. But with a fresh take on personal accountability, donation collective Pact hopes to sustain our momentum throughout the tough times.


A helping hand — Run by a collective of six women between Brooklyn, New York, and Austin, Texas, Pact began in June of 2020 as a way to support local communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and social justice issues. Rather than donate to large-scale organizations, Pact aims to get more money to grassroots nonprofits, maximizing the impact of every donation. To do so, they’ve created a monthly subscription model where even $3 can drive real, on-the-ground change.

Pact simplifies the donation process for individuals through research and reasonable rates. With both education and advancement in mind, the donation collective introduces its donors to one grassroots organization a month, and encourages donations of $3, $5, $10, or $25 to support it.


These recurring donations, set at the amount the donor feels comfortable contributing, are combined to donate one lump sum to a new nonprofit each month. Every organization selected is based on a timely need, independent research, and input from community leaders. At the end of the month, Pact sends a newsletter detailing how much was raised, where the money went, and how it’s being used by the selected organization.

“If we all pitch in a little, it really means a lot.”

A February fundamental — This month’s selection is For the Gworls, a Black, trans-led collective focused on helping Black transgender people pay for their rent and healthcare. Pact told Input it found For the Gworls a good fit for February, seeing as it is Black History Month and the pandemic has made rental assistance a daunting discussion in New York City, where the nonprofit is based.

For the Gworls

"Black trans women have been at the forefront of Black and LGBTQ+ liberation movements," said Pact member Marisa Rando. "If we all pitch in a little, it really means a lot." Especially to smaller organizations, $500 can make a big difference — while the same amount might not be as impactful at nation-wide nonprofits like Planned Parenthood.

Pact is empowering donors through real change that doesn’t cost a fortune. Its subscription service makes personal accountability effortless, and donors can learn about new missions through the donation collective’s monthly newsletter. We’re all trying to make the world a more equitable place, and Pact is a great start.

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