Nike built a virtual training camp for high school football players

The brand worked with the NFL on the project, which features Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Donald, and other top players.

Nike 11-Online

At the beginning of the pandemic, Nike made its premium classes in the Nike Training app free as a way to promote working out safely during lockdown. Five long months later, the sports giant is continuing to innovate in response to this bizarre reality and has launched a new virtual training program for high school football players.

11-Online, which is live now and free to anyone, offers instruction some of the top NFL players, including Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Donald, Saquon Barley, Odell Beckham Jr., and George Kittle. Position-specific drills cover each spot on the field, with lessons also covering team building and leadership development.

"Nike’s 11 Online gives you unprecedented access to your favorite athlete’s training routines virtually so you can improve wherever you are," McCaffrey said in a release. "While I was fortunate enough to attend the 11-On experience in-person, this digital training camp provides a similar experience in your home."


All 32 NFL teams were involved — The virtual training camp was made in partnership with all 32 NFL teams and also features pro coaches and trainers. Nike began the 11-On initiative last year, with 16 teams hosting local camps for select high school football teams in the area. The plan was to expand the program to all 32 teams this year, but obviously COVID-19 screwed up any hopes for IRL instruction.

Accessible via desktop or mobile device, the site will be updated with new content going forward that's free of charge and useful for players of any level. Considering how many high school seasons have been canceled or delayed, Nike's 11-Online should be a salve for any players longing for any form of football.