Netflix threatens to ruin 'BioShock' with a movie adaptation

Take-Two Interactive is working with the streaming giant to produce the film adaptation.


It’s been close to a decade since we’ve gotten a new entry to 2k Game’s BioShock series. Since the success of the original BioShock in 2007, fans have been treated to two sequels, both releasing in 2010 (BioShock 2) and 2013 (BioShock: Infinite) respectively. Now, we’re finally getting another installment — sort of... maybe.

An official Twitter account for Netflix confirmed a film adaptation for the video game franchise will be arriving at some point. Vertigo Entertainment and Take-Two were listed as producers for the project, but no writer or director has been hired yet. The partnership between Take-Two and Netflix has been in effect for close to a year now.

The announcement was echoed by The Hollywood Reporter, which noted that Netflix had been working with Take-Two Interactive to “develop a potential cinematic universe.” One aspect of this announcement that sticks out to me is the wording involved — it’s hard not to read into the use of “cinematic universe.” Does that mean Take-Two and Netflix are hinting at a series? Or the possibility of multiple projects? It’s impossible to tell at the moment, but if a BioShock movie is able to gain any success you would imagine that it would lead to follow-ups.

Ripe for the big-screen— BioShock is set in an unsettling, underwater dystopia named Rapture. The game functions as a first-person-shooter, as players attempt to aid a revolutionary named Atlas in his journey to overthrow the ruling despot, Andrew Ryan. There are elements of horror and sci-fi, packaged together into what would probably look like a gripping thriller on the silver screen.

I’m not the first person to have this idea either — there was a feature project in the works between Universal and The Pirates of the Caribbean director, Gore Verbinksi, around the time of the release of BioShock. Conflict between Verbinski and the studio ultimately killed the project before it could see the light of day, as the two sides couldn’t agree on budget and a proposed “R” rating.

BioShock joins Mega Man and Cuphead on Netflix’s list of forthcoming video game projects, which already sports two series(s) in the form of Castlevania and The Witcher.

There is no official release date as of yet, but the BioShock film adaptation may end up releasing before the next BioShock video game.