Jack Nicholson’s ‘Poopies on the Strip,’ is actually a real diner called ‘Pupi’s’

There's hard photographic evidence to back up the existence of 'Poopies on the strip.'

We can now confirm that the mysterious cafe frequented by Jack Nicholson and lovingly referred to as “Poopies on the strip,” is a real restaurant (with a slightly less exciting spelling), thanks to a bit of archival digging from a friend of Input.

A real establishment — Pupi’s, as the cafe was actually called, was on the Sunset Strip, and was frequented by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, according to Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles.

Ralph Crane / Vintage Los Angeles

“Pupi's Combination Bakery and Sidewalk Cafe on [the] Sunset Strip located in the historically upscale portion of Sunset Plaza,” Vintage Los Angeles’ writes. “A popular hang out for Warren Oates, Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando.”

“June Allyson and Louella Parsons might be spotted stopping by for pastries, but Jack’s crowd were serious habitués, anchored there at all hours of the evening...” Don’t be coy Vintage LA, it’s Pupi’s!

Case closed — So ‘Poopies’ is actually ‘Pupi’s,’ and ‘the Strip’ is the Sunset Strip, and while you can’t visit the cafe to relive Nicholson’s particular flavor of 70s life, you can buy an expensive condo and possibly get on a Netflix show.

The wheel of time spins on.