Yes, iOS 14 will let you use picture-in-picture for PornHub

You're on your own if you get caught.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Steve Jobs hated porn. "[W]e do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone," he once told a customer in an email. "Folks who want pornography can buy an Android phone."

Jobs was referring to porn-specific app stores on Android. Nonetheless, he still was publicly against porn on the iPhone. He didn't want to enable it. How times have changed! Following Monday's WWDC announcement that iOS 14 is getting picture-in-picture mode, Input has confirmed that you can 100 percent watch PornHub videos in a shrunken window from anywhere within the operating system.

Porn all day, every day — Watching porn in picture-in-picture (PiP) works exactly as Apple demonstrated it would for non-erotic content. You can shrink a video to a small window in the corner of your screen and resize it to fill up a larger portion, all while keeping your context. That means you can be watching porn while texting, scrolling through Instagram, or basically doing anything else that isn't audio or video.

Jobs tried to keep porn off the iPhone, but new Apple just made porn even better on it. If you have a porn addiction, PiP is going to be the best and worst thing to ever happen, especially if you're always glued to your iPhone.

Porn on iPhone is never going to be the same again.Screenshot: Input

You gotta fullscreen first, dummy — Some people are saying they can't get PornHub to work with PiP mode. It's possible some video players that don't run natively won't support it. But the real hangup is likely because they're not going into fullscreen video mode first.

The PiP icon only appears after you fullscreen a video. It's weird (I know), but after expanding the video, then tap the PiP icon to shrink it down.

Oh, NBD, just watching porn while getting DIRECTIONS.Screenshot: Input

Look, nobody's going to judge you for using PiP mode to secretly watch porn when you're feeling a bit frisky. But you're on your own if you get caught!