Instagram’s chronological feed returns this year — plus two other feed options

Instagram is currently testing the three feeds among select users, with plans to roll the change out this year.

Woman viewing photo gallery posted on social media

In a December Senate hearing, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced the return of the chronological feed — after years of users begging for it. The change came in response to heightened awareness of the harms Meta’s algorithms had caused. The announcement felt like an unexpected win for the users who want Instagram to just be itself (a photo app!) instead of shapeshifting into a confusing TikTok clone.

But alas, the return to chronological feed is not so simple. In a video posted on Instagram and Twitter, Mosseri announced that the app is testing a feature in which users have three feeds — and only one of them displays the chronological order we know and love.

Here are the three feed options:

  • Home: An algorithmic feed that Mosseri says will have “more and more recommendations over time.”
  • Favorites: A subset of accounts that you select as your highest priority..
  • Following: Chronological posts from all the accounts you follow

While the feature is only rolling out to some users, Instagram hopes to launch the full experience in the first half of this year.