Inside Club Quarantine / Underground rap’s YouTube influencers

On this episode, we hit Zoom’s hottest dance party and explore the world of hip-hop livestreamers.

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Episode #8: Inside club quarantine / underground rap's YouTube influencers

Every night of the week, people from all over log on to the queer online dance party Club Quarantine, which has attracted celebrity guests like Charli XCX. Input news writer Matt Wille joins us to discuss why the party is such a good time – and why it’s so important to the queer community right now. And later:For a price, YouTube influencers like Adam22, Cameron Haller, and Patrick Cc will listen to your hip hop track and evaluate it on their livestreams. But is this a valuable service for up-and-coming rappers or just another music biz hustle? Writer Seth King joins us to discuss. Read more on

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