Which face masks work best? / Black queer streetwear designers

On this episode, we’ve got stories about fashion past and present.

Portrait of Willi Smith.
Kim Steele

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Episode 32: Which face masks work best? / Black queer streetwear designers

Despite repeated reminders from public health officials to wear face masks when we're outside, there aren’t many detailed guidelines that can tell us which homemade masks work better than others. However, researchers at Florida Atlantic University have some insight into this, courtesy of a mannequin head that simulates coughing and sneezing. Input news writer Mehreen Kasana joins us to talk about the study. And later: Black queer designers created the blueprint for streetwear as we know it. The late Willi Smith, a pioneer of gender-nonconforming fashion, is among the people who laid the foundation for brands like Hood By Air, Supreme, and others. Writer Iman Sultan reported on the past and present of the Black queer streetwear movement for Input. She joins us to discuss.

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