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The surprising Surface Laptop Go / Mercedes-Benz’s otherworldly concept car

On this episode, we talk about a hot new laptop and an insane-looking automobile.

The Surface Laptop Go is a fantastic surprise, according to Input senior reviews editor Ray Wong. With a touchscreen, a great keyboard, and a real OS, Microsoft’s $700 Laptop Go is the new college laptop. It’s a way better value than an iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard combo that costs $1,350. Ray joins us to discuss.

And later: Mercedes-Benz first showed off its AVTR Vision concept car at CES in January 2020. Inspired by the James Cameron blockbuster Avatar, the vehicle featured some wild ideas about what the future of four-wheeled mobility might look like. We never thought we’d see more than a shell and some sketches, but Mercedes recently featured a working unit in a 13-minute YouTube video. Input news editor Craig Wilson swings by to talk about it.

On this episode of Input/Output, we talk about a hot new laptop and an insane-looking automobile.

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