The PS5 is ugly / How to get "Japan-only" streetwear

On this episode, we’ve got a look at the PS5’s ugly design and tips on how to get “Japan-only” fashions.


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Episode 17: The PS5 is ugly / How to get "Japan-only" streetwear

Sony recently unveiled its next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5, and a good deal of the internet hated the flashy design, mocking it with endless memes. Input senior reviews editor Ray Wong felt so strongly that he wrote an essay called “What the PlayStation 5 gets wrong about the future of design.” He joins us to discuss. And later: If you’re serious about what you wear, chances are you’ve come across these two dreaded words: "Japan-only." But thanks to internet proxy services, you don't have to live in Japan to buy "Japan-exclusive" streetwear. Input news writer Ian Servantes recently wrote a great guide to buying Japanese fashion online. He shares those tips with us.

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