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The great ‘Stop the Steal’ Facebook prank / Elon Musk launches Tesla Tequila

On this episode, we talk about an online practical joke and a novelty booze brand.


A large "Stop the Steal" Facebook group, ostensibly set up to protest the election count, got a surprise rebrand late last week. Some prankster, or pranksters, changed the name of the group to “Gay Communists for Socialism,” infuriating the page’s pro-Trump users. Input editor Ryan Houlihan and editor in chief Joshua Topolsky join us to discuss this delightful turn of events.

And later: Elon Musk’s car company recently announced its own brand of booze called Tesla Tequila. The 40-percent alcoholic beverage costs a whopping $250 and comes in a fancy glass bottle shaped like a thunderbolt. Of course, it sold out almost immediately. Ryan and Joshua talk about the latest Tesla news.

On this episode of Input/Output, we talk about an online practical joke and a novelty booze brand.

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