Quit your job, Mark Zuckerberg! / The great Sonic debate

On this episode, we talk about why Zuckerberg isn't the leader we need right now and why Sonic games actually suck.

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Episode 14: Quit your job, Mark Zuckerberg! / The great Sonic debate

Mark Zuckerberg is not the leader billions of people need right now, showing time and again he is unfit and unequipped to navigate the complex issues he’s created. So argues Input editor in chief Joshua Topolsky in his fiery essay “Mark Zuckerberg, resign from your role as CEO of Facebook.” Joshua joins us to discuss. And later: The Japanese video game company Sega, creator of the popular Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, recently marked its 60th anniversary. But not everyone was feeling celebratory. One naysayer was Input senior reviews editor Ray Wong, who wrote a piece called “Sorry, but Sonic games suck.” Ray and fellow Input editor Ryan Houlihan, a huge Sega fan, join us to debate Sonic’s merits.

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