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Samsung’s fantastic Note S20 Ultra / The dream Game Boy clone

On this episode, we review a stellar new phone and preview a red-hot gaming device.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a fantastic phone, according to Input senior reviews editor Ray Wong. The Note 20 Ultra fixes its sibling the S20 Ultra’s hit-or-miss autofocus and is stuffed to the gills with features. But, asks Ray in his review of the new device, what is a Galaxy Note after nine generations? He joins us to discuss.

A dream Game Boy clone, The Analogue Pocket is a handheld game console that promises to perfectly emulate everything from Nintendo’s Game Boy to the Neo Geo Pocket. The new device, due out in May 2021, recently became available for pre-order. Input editor Ryan Houlihan joins the pod to explain why it sold out right away.

On this episode of Input/Output, we review stellar new technology to hit the market.

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