Nike's Space Hippie sneakers / Best Black-owned brands

On this episode, we’ve got stories about Nike’s hot new shoes and the best Black-owned fashion brands.


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Episode 16: Nike’s space hippie sneakers / Best Black-owned brands

One of the most anticipated sneaker collections of the year, Nike’s sustainable Space Hippie line, drops in North America on July 3. Input senior editor Edgar Alvarez, who was lucky enough to get his hands on a pair of Space Hippie 03s, recently interviewed Nike’s sustainability design lead, Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, about what went into the shoes’ design. Edgar joins us to discuss. And later: In light of the Black Lives Matter protests, Input news writer Ian Servantes recently assembled a list of “10 stunning fashion pieces you can buy from Black-owned brands right now.” Ian’s picks range from the well-known to the obscure, from shirts and shorts to an ornate ring. He joins us to talk about his list.

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