Can Kanye West save the Gap? / The queer streetwear movement

On this episode, we’ve got two stories from the fashion world: one about Yeezy Gap, the other about the queer streetwear movement.

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Episode 24: Can Kanye West save the Gap? / The queer streetwear movement

The Gap recently announced that it was teaming up with rapper and fashion designer Kanye West. The co-branded Yeezy Gap line will hit stores in 2021 and feature modestly priced apparel for men, women, and children. Input news writer Ian Servantes recently wrote about what this collaboration means for both Kanye and the Gap. Ian joins us to talk about his piece. And later: Pride felt different this year due in large part to the coronavirus, but nothing can slow down the queer streetwear movement. Brands like FLAVNT, Transguy Supply, and The Phluid Project are making people look and feel good, and raising funds for LGBTQAI+ organizations along the way. Writer Hayley Lind joins us to discuss.

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