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How Instagram changed sneaker culture forever / An eco-friendly sneaker subscription service

On this episode, we dive into the fabulous world of footwear.

Instagram, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary, is the most important thing that ever happened to sneaker culture, according to writer Rae Witte. In a recent piece for Input, she explains how the app changed streetwear forever – for better and for worse. Rae joins us to talk about her article.

And later: The Swiss footwear brand On Running recently announced the new Cyclon model, a 100 percent recyclable running shoe that will be available exclusively through a monthly subscription. For $29.99 a month, subscribers will be able to trade in the Cyclon for the latest version of the sneaker. On Running will then recycle the worn shoe to be used in another generation of running gear. Input news writer Ian Servantes drops by to discuss.

On this episode of Input/Output, we dive into the fabulous world of footwear.

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