Elon Musk's short shorts / Ghislaine Maxwell: secret redditor?

On this episode, we’ve got stories about two filthy rich people.

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Episode 26: Elon Musk’s short shorts / Ghislaine Maxwell: secret redditor?

Tesla has a brand-new product: red satin short shorts emblazoned with the word “S3XY” on the rear. The booty shorts sold out right away, so the only place you can get them now is on the resale market. Input senior editor Edgar Alvarez wrote about Elon Musk’s latest foray into fashion. Edgar joins us to discuss. And later: Ghislaine Maxwell stands accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit, groom, and then sexually abuse girls. In the wake of Maxwell’s arrest, some have posited that she’s also a Reddit power user known as u/MaxwellHill. Intrepid editor Ryan Houlihan recently investigated this theory for Input. He joins us to talk about it.

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