How Uncut Gems stayed in focus / Betting on pro wrestling

On this episode, we go behind the scenes of Uncut Gems and the WWE.

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Episode 10: How Uncut Gems stayed in focus / Betting on pro wrestling

The critically acclaimed film Uncut Gems recently hit Netflix. In the movie, star Adam Sandler is always on the move — and always in focus, thanks to a piece of camera tech called the Light Ranger 2. Writer Charles Bramesco wrote about the Light Ranger 2 and its fascinating backstory for Input. He joins us to discuss. And later: Professional wrestling is one of the few sports that’s still happening, global pandemic be damned. And, even though all the matches are scripted, you can still bet on the winners and losers courtesy of online sports books. Writer Jack Needham joins us to discuss his recent Input piece about how this wagering works.

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