Goldman Slaps

Goldman Sachs CEO set to DJ Lollapalooza, ruin music indefinitely

Play the one where you systematically tank the global economy!


Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon will be performing at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago this summer with the name DJ D-SOL. Let’s rage alongside the machine, baby!

Solomon, who makes 35 million dollars per year, announced on Instagram that profits would benefit “various nonprofits” in partnership with the record label Payback Records.

How do you do, fellow kids? — The investment banker whose company has made headlines for its toxic work environment, cooperation with dictatorial regimes, unethical workplace practices, and exploiting pricing regulations to drive up prices of commodities, isn’t new to the electronic music scene; he’s made the switch from business clothes to black T-shirt many times. His Instagram bio says he’s been DJing since 2015, and it appears his career picked up after his 2018 divorce.

Consequence Sound reports that he said in a 2017 Goldman Sachs podcast that he “kind of stumbled into it as a hobby, and now I just do it for fun.” His cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” made it into Spotify’s “Happy Summer Beats” playlist in 2019 and his release, "Someone Like You" peaked at #4 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart in 2020.

Solomon faced controversy in 2020 for performing at a “super swanky” Chainsmokers concert in the Hamptons during a pandemic peak that had “egregious” distancing violations. Yikes.

Holla for Lolla— DJ D-SOL joins a slew of other artists on the Lollapalooza lineup including headliners Metallica, Dua Lipa, J. Cole, Green Day, Doja Cat, Machine Gun Kelly, Kygo, and Lil Baby. The music festival, which started in 1991, consistently sells out. It hosts as many as 400,000 people in Chicago’s Grant Park, and tickets are on sale now starting at $350 with fees.