Facebook will now let you see the myriad ways it's tracking you

Even when you're not on Facebook.

The Asahi Shimbun/The Asahi Shimbun/Getty Images

Today, Facebook will finally let you see the numerous ways it's tracking you via a new "Off-Facebook" feature. The tool reveals just how much data the company pulls from you via Facebook proper, Messenger, Instagram, and when you're not even using any of these platforms.

You can dig through the last 180 days of data shared with Facebook, as well as disconnect the data from your account. That data will still be collected, but it won't be tied to you personally. To view it, here's the direct link so you don't have to go digging through your settings.

What it knows about me, personally — Facebook can confirm I'm a jawnz enthusiast, listing my (too frequent) visits to Grailed's website and app. In the last few week, it also knows I've visited the websites for Noah, Bode, Opening Ceremony, Rowing Blazers, 18 East, and more. And to avoid it looking like I'm just trying to flex good taste, I'll also divulge that Facebook knows I'm, uhh, out here and have been on Feeld frequently. In total, Facebook has data from 588(!) apps and websites I've visited in the last 180 days.

How do they do it? — This data is culled from using Facebook to log into website and apps, as well as tracking software they've embedded across the web. The new tool does create a net positive in that you can see just how much Facebook knows and prevent it from using the information to serve you eerily personalized ads. You can't however, prevent Facebook from collecting the information anyway.