Facebook overhauls its Privacy Checkup tool

It's now got four distinct topics to manage your settings.


In an effort to give users clearer control over their privacy, Facebook has revamped its Privacy Checkup tool. The feature, which has been in place since 2014, is streamlined into four key topics: Who Can See What You Share, How to Keep Your Account Secure, How People Can Find You on Facebook, and Your Data Settings on Facebook.

It is, in essence, a dummy-proof series of headlines to make it easy for even the least-savvy of users to see what they can control about their profile.

Breaking down the topics — Who Can See What You Share allows users to review who can see profile information, such as phone number and email address, as well different kinds of posts. How to Keep Your Account Secure helps make stronger password recommendations and can turn on login alerts. How People Can Find You on Facebook controls who can look you up, as well as who can send a friend request. Finally, Your Data Settings on Facebook manages the information shared to other apps that have been logged into Facebook.

When will I see it? — The update is set to rollout this week across the world. For more information on Privacy Checkup, head here.