Elon Musk just dropped a motivational club banger

"Don't Doubt ur Vibe."

Tesla and Space X CEO, Elon Musk, added “DJ and musician” to his resume when he posted the track ‘RIP Harambe’ to his ‘Emo G Records’ SoundCloud profile last year. Many wrote it off as a one-hit-wonder-style publicity stunt, but now Musk — who’s changed his Twitter display name to ‘E “D” M’ — is back with follow-up EDM number ‘Don’t Doubt ur Vibe’, a drop-packing, beat-laden house anthem with heavily treated vocals Musk says he wrote and performed. And of course, cover art that includes Tesla’s divisive-but-awesome Cybertruck.

Backing himself hard — Musk’s had plenty of reasons not to doubt his vibe in recent months. Tesla’s share price has reached record highs, and keeps climbing. The company’s Chinese manufacturing facility is struggling to meet demand. The Model Y release has been brought forward to spring. Space X has proven its reusable rockets feasible. And his girlfriend, Grimes, might be expecting the couple’s child.

Considering Musk’s romantic partner’s musical aptitude and his unabashedly futuristic aesthetic, we probably shouldn’t be surprised he’s dabbling in DJing. We’re not convinced about his lyrical prowess, though. Perhaps he should stick to helping Jack D fix Twitter instead.

Don't you go doubtin', get tossin' insteadElon Musk / Twitter