Buying books? Screw Amazon! / The radical comic of the moment

On this episode, we’ve got two stories about books – one on how to buy them online without Amazon, the other on the perfect comic for this moment in time.


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EPISODE 22: Buying books? Screw Amazon! / The radical comic of the moment

Jeff Bezos is the richest man on earth. So quit buying books from Amazon and start supporting indie booksellers instead – especially now that small retailers have been hit so hard by the coronavirus. Input news writer Matt Wille recently wrote a guide to buying books online without Amazon. He joins us to talk about it. And later: ‘(H)afrocentric’ is a satirical comic by Juliana “Jewels” Smith that centers on a biracial young woman in Oakland. Smith calls the work "a feminist version of ‘The Boondocks’." And given what’s going on in this country right now, it’s never felt more relevant, argues Input news editor Cheyenne MacDonald. She joins us to discuss. Read more on

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