Build a killer gaming PC / Photoshop’s most wonderful feature

On this episode, we’ve got stories about DIY gaming PCs and Photoshop’s weird trees.

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EPISODE 21: Build a killer gaming PC / Photoshop’s most wonderful feature

From Death Stranding to Cyberpunk 2077, lots of high-profile PC games are coming out in the second half of this year. And you’re going to want a killer gaming PC to play them all. Luckily, Input guides editor Evan Rodgers recently wrote a piece on how to build one for under $1,000. He joins us to discuss. And later: Adobe Photoshop, the powerhouse photo-editing software, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. To mark the occasion, frequent Input contributor Chris Stokel-Walker explored the secret history of one of Photoshop’s weirdest, most wonderful features: a filter for creating a wide variety of 3D-rendered trees. He joins us to talk about it.

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