Not another NFT project

Blockedchain is an NFT you can mint if Elon Musk (among others) has blocked you

Tokens are up for grabs but only if a select group of people have decided they never want to interact with you again over Twitter.


Being blocked (not to be confused by the ban) by someone on Twitter is a tale as old as time. It’s a visceral reaction on the part of the blocker. In life you might encounter someone who does or says something which might make you never want to interact with them ever again — Twitter has conveniently made a button for that exact scenario. Some use it generously.

Blockedchain takes advantage of that situation by offering a collection of NFTs that can only be minted if users are blocked by a select group of individuals.

Who do I have to be blocked by to get a drink around here? — The people (and government organizations/companies) that Blockedchain lists to be NFT-eligible are a notoriously prickly bunch. Elon Musk is quick to block anyone who might criticize him on the social media platform instead of spending more time on his traffic-solving tunnels. Marc Andreessen, well-known venture capitalist goblin, is also on there. And then, of course, being blocked by Wendy’s will earn interested parties an NFT as well.

Here’s a full list of the accounts:

Smash Mouth has already responded:

The whole project is supposed to function as a sort of satire of NFT culture in general. Even though NFTs are meant to preserve a given piece of digital art, collections end up devolving into speculative assets that are valued arbitrarily or worse, turn out to be flat-out scams.

In order to mint your own Blockedchain NFT, you will need to connect your Twitter profile with its site, which then uses the Twitter API to check if you’ve been blocked by one of the accounts from the aforementioned list. From there you can mint a token for free — keep in mind that the site asks for read-only access, and will gain access to information like your screen name and numeric user id.

With that, I’ll leave you with a mission statement of sorts from the collection’s site:

The supply of these tokens is unknown. We can verify whether someone has been blocked by an account, but we have no way to tell how many people in total an account has blocked. Is Wendy’s more rare than Smash Mouth? Does the CIA even block? Could Elon Musk go on a blocking spree tomorrow and cause a rapid and catastrophic inflationary event triggering disastrous fluctuations in the worldwide price of grain? Only future economists will know, shaking their heads as they toss their copies of The Wealth of Nations atop the smoldering slag heap.