Equine healthcare is awkward, but deeply pleasing GIF fodder

Giving a horse a CT scan isn’t easy, but wow, the GIFs are great.

A horse getting a CT scan.
Prisma Imaging

A new perfect reaction GIF doesn’t drop into your lap every day, which is why I’m pleased to announce that I may have just found the proverbial Holy Grail: A horse getting a CT scan.

Prisma Imaging

Relatable — Who hasn’t felt awkwardly suspended upside down while people hurriedly tried to do their job around you? Who hasn’t found a strange bit of uncomfortable peace amongst the chaos? Who hasn’t been laid out, whether because of lack of sleep or just being way too high?

The uncomfortableness of the horse is deeply relatable — figuratively and otherwise.

Size problem — I’m a human whose brushes with radiography are blessedly limited (let it be known doctors, I’m not opposed to exposing myself to electromagnetic radiation) but even I can’t help but sympathize with the problems of fitting a big horse through a tiny CT machine. It just doesn’t look safe, easy, or comfortable.

Nothing about this is comfortable.Prisma Imagining

Now I can’t speak to the efficacy of the alternatives (one of which, from Prisma Imaging, is the source of this GIF), but I can confirm one thing: Seeing an upside-down horse makes for a damn good GIF. A perfect one, even.

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