A rare Dark Side Rey lightsaber can be yours for $1,600

There are only 750 replicas in the world.


Who would drop $1,600 on a lightsaber that’s only made a brief cameo in a movie trailer? Plenty of people, at least that’s what EFX Collectibles is banking on with this highly detailed replica of the Dark Side Rey switchblade-style lightsaber.

This lightsaber rules — If this is a crazy proposition, consider me a crazy person. The lightsaber appeared in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker footage released in September. In that clip, you can see some sort of evil Rey with a double-edged blade of laser that collapses like America’s favorite legally dubious knife. How did such a Rey come into existence? Is she Ray gone bad, Ray cloned, or Ray in a vision? Is this newly canon lightsaber more or less practical than Kylo Ren’s? These are frivolous questions. All that matters is that this lightsaber is awesome, and every incarnation of it should be revered accordingly. Even the one that costs $1,600.

So what am I actually getting? — This limited-edition piece is a 1:1 replica made using the actual prop and other reference materials provided by Lucasfilm. In addition to the individual components, the weathering is also screen-accurate. It comes with a hardwood display featuring a numbered metal plaque.

Only 750 units will be available worldwide, and it’s up for pre-sale already on EFX’s site and at Chronicle Collectables. Waiting to join the illustrious club of 750 until after you’ve seen the lightsaber in Episode IX could prove risky.