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Teabagging /ti-bæɡ-ing/(verb): The act of repeatedly crouching over an in-game enemy’s recently deceased corpse as a way to mock and insult them.

ProTip /prəʊ-/tɪp/(noun): A term used to preface a piece of advice that is genuinely helpful or, more commonly, obvious advice sarcastically presented as sage wisdom.

NPC /ˈen-pē-sē/(noun): An acronym for “non-player character” used to describe computer-controlled characters in games.

Tank /taNGk/ (noun):A character class that is defined by its ability to soak up enemy damage and distract enemies from more fragile characters.

Pwn /ˈpōn/ (verb): To be utterly defeated in a game or pursuit.

Grinding /ˈɡrīndiNG/ (verb): Performing a repetitive task to obtain a gameplay advantage, like loot, in-game currency, or experience.

Wombo Combo /ˈwämbō-kämbō/ (noun): A perfectly timed sequence of in-game attacks that cannot be avoided and leads to the opposition being defeated in seconds.

Buff /bəf/ (verb): The act of changing a particular game element that makes it more effective, or stronger.

Nerf /nərf/ (verb): A change to a particular game element that makes it less effective, or weaker. Read more.

Rage Quit: To angrily abandon a game or activity out of frustration. Read more.

Rekt /rekt/ (verb): When a player or a team is badly beaten by the opposition to a point where it is embarrassing. Read more.

Camping /ˈkampiNG/ (verb): A strategy most often used in first-person shooters, where gamers wait for other players to run into their hideaway instead of actively searching for others. Read more.

n00b /no͞ob/ (noun): A person who is inexperienced at a specific game or activity. Read more.

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