10 best Legendary Pokémon ever, ranked

Who is the very best like no one ever was?

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Legendary Pokémon have been feared and coveted by trainers since the series’ first games...

Here are the 10 best Legendary Pokémon ever, ranked from worst to best

10. Zapdos

One of the original Legendary Pokémon remains one of the coolest all these years later. Zapdos was an absolute terror in Pokémon Red and Blue, and its distinctive lightning bolt shape at least lets you know what element it’s about to zap you with.

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9. Dialga

An armored dinosaur is an impressive sight on the battlefield even before you realize Dialga controls the power of time. Its Steel/Dragon typing also makes it extremely resistant to attacks, if looking badass isn’t enough.


8. Lunala

The bat-like Lunala doesn’t get as much love as many other Legendaries, and to be fair, it’s got some major weaknesses. But its unique design and ability to transform into a powerful Full Moon phase make Lunala stand out.

7. Giratina

Legendary Pokémon are known for their impressive looks, but none is quite as intimidating as Giratina. This Dragon/Ghost-type Pokémon lives up to its spooky typing with one of the creepiest designs in Pokémon.

6. Xerneas

Xerneas’ Fairy typing makes it a great counter to otherwise overpowered Dragon Pokémon, and in the game’s fiction, it has the power to grant eternal life. But the real reason it’s one of the best Legendaries? The horns.

5. Ho-oh

Ho-oh’s design is based on the Phoenix, and it shares the mythical bird’s ability to resurrect the dead. It’s also the first Legendary Pokémon to appear in the anime, giving it special significance for fans of the series.

4. Suicine

Suicine shows up in multiple movies and anime episodes and appears in both Super Smash Bros. and Pokken Tournament. That, coupled with its great design, makes Suicine one of the most recognizable Legendary Pokémon.

3. Rayquaza

Since it first appeared in Pokémon Emerald, Rayquaza has been a fan favorite. In both the card game and video games, Rayquaza is a wildly powerful Pokémon. Its multiple movie appearances make it even more popular.

2. Arceus

Ranked by pure power, there’s no beating Arceus. In series lore, Arceus is literally a god and the creator of the Pokémon universe. That translates to an incredibly strong Pokémon in battle with a great design to match.

1. Mewtwo

You didn’t have to be Psychic-type to see this coming. The original Legendary Pokémon is an object of awe in the original games and its anime appearances. And while it may not be the most powerful in play anymore, there are few Pokémon who’ve left as much of an impression as Mewtwo.

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