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8 spectacular sci-fi movies coming to Netflix in February 2022

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8. Anaconda

Anaconda is a silly and sensational flop about a giant snake devouring a group of hapless documentarians. It’s best for people who take its ludicrous plot and laughable special effects as selling points.

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7. The One

The One’s editing and special effects obscure Jet Li’s incredible talent, but it still makes for a decent sci-fi martial arts movie. Li plays both hero and villain in this multiverse-hopping adventure.

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6. Transformers: Dark of the Moon & Revenge of the Fallen

If you’re looking for spectacle, you’re in luck. Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Revenge of the Fallen are far from great sci-fi cinema, but they’re packed with as much robot-punching action as you could possibly want.

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5. The Book of Eli

Its religious undertones make The Book of Eli more divisive than it should be. Nonetheless, this post-apocalyptic western pastiche has enough action and substance to make it worth a watch.

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4. Watchmen

Watchmen has long been considered unfilmable, and Zack Snyder’s adaptation didn’t necessarily change critics’ minds. Probably better seen after you’ve read the seminal comic it’s based on, Watchmen is full of intriguing ideas and some of the most complex superheroes ever.

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3. The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum concludes the original Bourne trilogy, centered on a subject of a top-secret CIA training program. The Bourne Ultimatum is widely considered the series’ high point, but you’ll definitely want to watch the previous two entries first.

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2. Batman Begins

Coming before almost every event movie was about superheroes, Batman Begins is still one of the best comic adaptations ever, without a sky laser or interdimensional portal in sight.

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1. The Dark Knight

The follow-up to Batman Begins took the original’s grounded tone and added a career-defining performance by Heath Ledger as the Joker. Even superhero haters can find a lot to love in The Dark Knight.

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