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6 amazing sci-fi shows and movies coming to Netflix in July 2022

“They said the world would end in 2036, but they were wrong. The world ended a long time ago.”

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6. Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2

July 1

The wait is over. Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 is the show at the height of its powers. The second part of the season lands July 1 for all your long weekend binge-watching needs.

5. I Am Legend

July 1

You might not want to think about the apocalypse right now, but if you’re in the mood, I Am Legend is great dystopian sci-fi with a monster movie twist. As (almost) the only human character, Will Smith delivers an all-time great performance.

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4. The Dark Knight Rises

July 1

The Dark Knight Rises is the most spectacular of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy — and the most divisive. You’ll definitely want to watch the first two excellent movies before diving into the explosive finale.

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3. The Flash Season 8

July 7

One of the longest-running superhero shows on TV is still going strong. The latest season of The Flash hits Netflix just a week after it wraps up on The CW.

2. Resident Evil

July 14

We know Resident Evil adaptations have a spotty track record at best. The new series, debuting on Netflix, could be the first one to fully jump from so-bad-it’s-good to just plain good.

1. Uncharted

July 15

After spending so long in development it really seemed like vaporware, Uncharted is finally coming to Netflix. Based on the wildly popular game series, it’s an unoriginal but fun treasure hunt with a likable lead in Tom Holland.


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