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10 best spooky games on Xbox Game Pass to play this fall

Halloween is a state of mind.

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Autumn is a time for falling leaves, hot cider, and — especially as Halloween approaches — embracing the creepy. Whether you want outright horror or a chiller kind of spookiness, there’s a game to fit your autumnal mood.

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Here are the 10 best spooky games to play on Xbox Game Pass this autumn

10. Overwhelm

Overwhelm is far from a typical horror game. This retro 2D shooter gives you limited ammo and pits you against monsters that just keep getting tougher for a panic-inducing good time.

Ruari O'Sullivan
9. Vampire Survivors (PC)

Fighting off masses of bloodthirsty monsters is a classic horror trope. Vampire Survivors turns the tables by making you the one to fear. This Castlevania-inspired horde shooter isn’t really spooky, but its horror-themed power fantasy is great for players who can’t stand being scared.

8. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 lets you enjoy the great outdoors while running for your life. In this zombie survival game, you recruit a squad and build a base to survive the apocalypse. It’s more strategic than most horror games, forcing you to choose whether each supply run is really worth the undead attention.

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7. Firewatch

Firewatch isn’t a horror game. It’s a tense thriller that tells a compelling mystery story without monsters or jumpscares. Set in the Montana wilderness, its story plays out over an entire summer to ease you into fall.

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6. Death’s Door

Death’s Door puts you in the shoes ... or, talons ... of a crow making a living as a reaper of souls. There’s a gloriously autumnal atmosphere to the whole game, and the enemies you face feel like they could be pulled straight from supernatural folktales.

Acid Nerve
5. Little Witch in the Woods

You play as a little witch. In the woods. Sounds pretty spooky to me. Little Witch in the Woods isn’t a scary game by any means, but this life sim should put you in the mood for both supernatural shenanigans and crunchy leaves.

Sunny Side Up
4. Costume Quest 2

Costume Quest 2 is literally a game about trick-or-treating. Can’t get much more seasonal than that. This delightful RPG is perfect if you want to enjoy the vibes of spooky season without the nightmares.

Double Fine
3. The Walking Dead

What could embody the Halloween spirit better than a good scary story? Game Pass has a lot of Walking Dead narrative adventures if you want a story that’ll last you all through October.

Telltale Games
2. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a big, terrifying game of hide and seek. Its survival horror gameplay already fits the season, and the many cameos by famous horror villains make it ideal for fans of slasher movies.

Behaviour Interactive
1. Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines is a gorgeous storybook adventure that’s much creepier than it seems at first glance. Its incredibly well-told story is stocked with charming characters and its art style will make you want to curl up and read next to a roaring fire.

Hiding Spot

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