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10 more new games joining Xbox Game Pass in September 2022

Now even space has been corrupted by capitalism.

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Blackbird Interactive

Black Mermaid

After Xbox added one of the year’s best shooters earlier this month, the Game Pass mid-September update brings an eclectic bunch of sims and more. This varied batch should have something for just about anyone.

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Here are 10 more games coming to Game Pass in September 2022

10. Deathloop

September 20 (Cloud/Console/PC)

No, you’re not stuck in a time loop. Immersive sim shooter Deathloop did launch last year, but it’s only now making its way to Xbox. The Game Pass release includes the Goldenloop update, which adds a new weapon and ability, plus other improvements.

9. Hardspace: Shipbreaker

September 20 (Cloud/Console)

Why endure the horrors of capitalism here on Earth when you could do the same thing in space? Hardspace: Shipbreaker is part work sim, part biting commentary on labor exploitation — but fun!

Blackbird Interactive
8. SpiderHeck

September 22 (Console/PC)

If SpiderHeck isn’t on your radar yet, check out the gamplay demo it got at the recent ID@Xbox Showcase. It’s a solo or multiplayer brawler set in deadly neon-soaked arenas.

7. Beacon Pines

September 22 (Cloud/Console/PC)

In Beacon Pines, you read through a storybook adventure starring cute animals and help them avoid a dark fate as best you can. Sounds like the perfect way to start spooky season this year.

Hiding Spot
6. Slime Rancher 2 (Game Preview)

September 22 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Ah, to live the life of a rancher — building a farm, growing crops, and sucking up slime monsters with your vacuum gun. Like its predecessor, Slime Rancher 2 is a colorful farming sim where you raise a herd of beautiful bouncing slimes.

Monomi Park
5. Moonscars

September 27 (Cloud/Console/PC)

There’s no shortage of 2D Souls-likes these days, but Moonscars is a standout. The stark color palette matches its dark tone perfectly, and Moonscars’ combat looks like it’s among the best of a crowded genre.

Black Mermaid
4. Grounded

September 27 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Grounded has been part of Game Pass’ Game Preview program for a while, and it’s full release lands this month. In this clever exploration game, you play as a miniaturized hero trying to survive in the dangerous world of your backyard.

3. Let’s Build a Zoo

September 29 (Cloud/Console/PC)

It’s kind of all there in the title. Let’s Build a Zoo lets you build a zoo in quirky management sim style. Build a park, keep guests happy, and embrace your inner Dr. Moreau with gene splicing.

2. Valheim

September 29 (PC)

Valheim’s Norse-inspired, procedurally generated world has lured thousands of players to grisly ends, and now you can join them on Game Pass. This tough survival sim features everything from crafting to monster hunting for up to 10 players at once.

Coffee Stain Studios
1. PAW Patrol Grand Prix

September 30 (Cloud/Console/PC)

What is it with all these PAW Patrol games? Like the rest that have made their way to Game Pass, PAW Patrol Grand Prix should keep the kids entertained, but don’t expect much of a racer beyond that.

Outright Games

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