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7 amazing sci-fi movies leaving HBO Max in September 2021

“The future’s already there. It’s irrevocable.”

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7. Reminiscence

September 19

Taking cues from classic noir and Inception, sci-fi thriller Reminiscence is set in a world ravaged by climate change. In the future, technology lets people relive their memories — sometimes finding secrets they’d rather forget.

6. Doctor Sleep

September 20

The sequel to The Shining is more invested in the mechanics of its central superpower/curse than the original. Doctor Sleep doesn’t come close to The Shining’s heights but still works as both mystery and horror.

5. Demolition Man

September 30

Set in a dystopian 2032 where there’s nothing to eat but Taco Bell and everyone seems creepily nice, Demolition Man is quintessential cornball ‘90s action. A scenery-chewing performance by Wesley Snipes makes it a must-watch.

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4. Escape from New York

September 30

Kurt Russell snarls his way through the prison island of Manhattan to rescue the president in this John Carpenter classic. Escape from New York is dirty, violent, and utterly ludicrous — all great reasons to watch.

3. Jason X

September 30

The Friday the 13th series always teetered between silly and scary. Jason X gives it a nudge over the edge, sending its masked monster to space in the far future.

2. Short Circuit

September 30

Short Circuit hasn’t had the staying power of other ‘80s sci-fi family movies, but it’s an enjoyable comedy. It follows Number 5, a scrappy robot that gains consciousness after being struck by lightning.

1. The Time Machine

September 30

H.G. Wells’ novella The Time Machine set the tone for time-travel stories for years to come. This adaptation does right by the book, with visual effects that were mind-blowing in 1960 and still quaintly impressive today.

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