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8 sensational sci-fi shows and movies coming to HBO Max in July 2022

“Let them fight.”

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8. Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks

July 1

Eve of the Daleks is a New Year’s Day Doctor Who special that capped off the 13th season. It’s also the first of three 2022 specials that mark the end of Jodi Whittaker’s tenure as the Doctor before Ncuti Gatwa steps in.

7. Godzilla

July 1

Sometimes bad movies are fun, and sometimes they make you appreciate the better versions more. Later this month, you’ll get a chance to watch one of those better ones, but for now enjoy Roland Emmerich’s spectacularly bad Godzilla.

6. Spy Kids

July 1

The first three Spy Kids movies are coming to HBO Max. The original is by far the best, but they’re all fun, family-friendly sci-fi adventures.

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5. The Satanic Rites of Dracula

July 1

With a name like that, what else do you need? It’s far from the best vampire movie ever, but The Satanic Rites of Dracula, which puts the famed ghoul in 1970s London, is still fun Hammer-era pulp.

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4. The World’s End

July 1

Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy went out with a bang in The World’s End. When a bar crawl is rudely interrupted by an alien invasion, a group of estranged friends are the last line of defense for their hometown.

3. Mad Max: Fury Road

July 9

A two-hour car chase shouldn’t be this good. Mad Max: Fury Road revived the post-apocalyptic series after a 30-year break with one of the most visually inventive dystopian movies ever.

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2. Godzilla

July 16

If you sat through Godzilla 1998 earlier this month, here’s your reward. Gareth Edwards’ 2014 Godzilla gives the classic kaiju its due with tense action scenes cleverly framed monster battles.

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1. Superman & Lois Season 2

July 29

A more subdued take on Supes than the world-shaking movies, Superman & Lois had a great first season. Season 2 ends on the CW in June and comes to Netflix a month later.

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