10 Stray PC mods that make a great game even better

Customize your cat.


With Stray climbing Steam’s best-sellers charts, PC players are clearly just as into cats as their PlayStation counterparts. One big advantage the PC version has is mods, which can totally change the game, or just make it a smidge cuter.

Here are the 10 best PC mods out now for Stray

10. Joke Mod CJ

Two of the most popular types of mods are “adding a character from another game” and “horrors beyond comprehension.” Joke Mod CJ combines both, introducing a grotesque bit of body horror you’ll wish you could forget.


9. The Jason mod lets you relive the only good part of Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain: Mashing your controller to constantly call out the name, “Jason!”

(tap the speaker icon for sound)

8. Glasses

Whether you’re using a custom skin or sticking with the default, the Glasses mod lets you dress up your cat in cute little specs. Perfect for taking in the neon-blasted sights of the city.

7. Garfield - Cartoon Edition

Want to play Stray and also tell the world, “I hate Mondays”? Garfield - Cartoon Edition lets you play as the internet’s favorite lasagna-loving cat bully.

6. Minecraft Pig Over Stray Cat

Cats are a natural fit for a game about sneaking into places you don’t belong. A Minecraft pig is maybe the last replacement you’d think of, but this mod proves it’s a much funnier choice, and cute in its own blocky way.


5. Happy Puppy

Cats vs. dogs: a feud as old as it is pointless. Folks, they’re both great, and Happy Puppy lets you explore Stray’s walled city from a canine perspective. It even replaces your meow with a bark.

4. Pick of the Litter

A lot of Stray mods let you change your cat from its default skin, and it’s worth browsing NexusMods just to see them. Pick of the Litter stands out with four adorable skins included and plans from the modder to add more.


3. Pride Pins

Stray lets you dress your cat’s backpack up with pins like it was your favorite jean jacket. Pride Pins, the first of probably many pin mods to come, lets your cat say trans rights and more with LGBTQIA+ pride flags.

2. Splitscreen

If you wanted to spend more time with Stray’s cat gang, here’s your chance. The Splitscreen mod lets you play alongside your human friends in co-op. Modder KangieDanie warns it could introduce some bugs, which you should always expect from mods that change so much.

1. Stray - First Person Mod

You may have heard the old adage, everybody wants to be a cat. Now you can with Stray - First Person Mod, which puts you in your cat’s shoes... or, paws. The only downside is you won’t get to watch a cat scamper around your screen while you play.

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