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9 extremely rare Sony PlayStation consoles

Even harder to find than the PS5.

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Sony has put out plenty of special-edition consoles over the years, but some are so rare, beautiful, or bizarre that they’ve become coveted collector’s items.

Here are 9 of the rarest PlayStation consoles ever made.

9. Monster Hunter World PS4

Exclusive to Japan, this limited edition PS4 is notable for its striking Rathalos design as much as its rarity.

8. Kingdom Hearts PS4

Featuring an intricate design on the console and controller, the GameStop-exclusive Kingdom Hearts PS4 quickly sold out and became a collector’s item.

7. 500 Million Edition PS4

Sony released this limited-edition translucent blue PS4 to celebrate 500 million PlayStation consoles sold, harkening back to some of the PS2’s iconic see-through editions.

6. Stella Artois PSP

Similar to the equally bizarre McDonald’s Nintendo DS, this console was made for employees of Stella Artois, packed with custom artwork and information about the beer brand.

5. 20th Anniversary Edition PS4

Created in extremely limited quantities, this PS4 celebrated PlayStation’s 20th anniversary with a design that calls back to the PS1.

4. Warhammer 40K: Squad Commander PSP

THQ Nordic gave away just six of these custom handhelds to celebrate the release of Warhammer 40,000: Squad Commander.

3. Hitman briefcase PS4

This unique Hitman-inspired console was given away as a prize on Square Enix’s website.

2. Gaystation PS4

This one-of-a-kind console with a cause was created to raise money for a Swedish LGBTQ charity.

1. Gold 10 Million Edition PS1

Sony made this gold console to commemorate 10 million PlayStation console sales, but the console itself was never sold.

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