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10 best Nintendo Switch games to play with the whole family

If you’re looking for Switch games anyone can join in on, look no further.



The Nintendo Switch has plenty of great multiplayer games that even non-gamers should find easy to play. That’s perfect for when you run out of things to talk about with the family this holiday season.

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Here are 10 family-friendly multiplayer games you can play on Switch right now.

10. Snipperclips

The extremely clever Snipperclips challenges players to cut each other’s avatars into shape to solve a series of puzzles. It supports up to four players and gets increasingly wild the more you have.



9. Luigi’s Mansion 3

The co-op mode in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is simple, and that’s what makes it great. If you want to play a game with kids or others who don’t want to deal with anything too complex, it’s a solid choice.

8. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

It may be “new,” but New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe feels just like an old-school Mario game, albeit with lots of modern twists. It should be easy for anyone to pick up, and the ability to mess with your fellow players is an added bonus.

7. Clubhouse Games

If you’re dealing with a truly video game-averse crowd, give Clubhouse Games a shot. It recreates classic board games and sports, from mahjong to bowling.

6. Mario Golf: Super Rush

Any of the Mario sports spinoffs are great with a crowd, but Super Rush gets the nod for its spectacularly out-of-control Battle and Speed Golf multiplayer modes.


5. 1, 2, Switch

1, 2, Switch is packed with fun, silly minigames that use the Switch’s Joy-cons. All the better if you’re playing with a group willing to really play up the minigames’ physical aspects.

4. Just Dance

The Just Dance games let you ignore the buttons on your Joy-cons and use them to track your movement. It’s a great way to get folks in the game without needing to know their way around a controller.

3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Simply put, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the best multiplayer games ever made. It takes a bit more skill than some others on this list, but it’s still a welcoming game ... assuming your family can take their wins and losses in stride.

2. Overcooked! 2

Both Overcooked games are great choices for multiplayer hijinks. Their chaotic co-op cooking modes encourage lively communication — in the form of shouting at your fellow players about chopping technique or proper plate placement.

1. Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party is the quintessential kid-friendly party game. Its minigames are simple and varied, with lots of motion controls that help level the playing field between experienced players and newbies.


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