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8 best video games to help you stay in shape

Gamify your fitness routine.


Video games and fitness don’t always go hand in hand, but motion controls and virtual reality are making it easier than ever to stay in shape while having fun, all without leaving the house.

Here are the 8 best fitness games for indoor exercise

8. Arms

If you want something that’s more game with fitness as a side effect, the motion-controlled boxing of Arms makes it great as both a fitness game and a fighting game.



7. Jump Rope Challenge

The free Jump Rope Challenge is simple and accessible. Just jump while holding your Joy-Cons and let it count up to your daily goal. A two-player mode even lets you jump rope with a friend.

6. Fitness Boxing 2

Fitness Boxing 2 is essentially a rhythm game with timed punches and dodges instead of button presses, plus chatty “virtual trainers” remind you to keep up your form.

5. Just Dance 2021

The Just Dance series fuses psychedelic visuals with catchy pop songs to trick you into burning calories while bopping around your living room. Matching the moves of onscreen dancers is always fun.

4. Beat Saber

Even if it had no health benefits, the frantic, arm-flailing rhythm of Beat Saber would still make it a blast to play. Difficulty modifiers and DLC tracks from the likes of BTS and Timbaland add more variety to an already great game.

3. Holopoint

Plenty of VR games feel like shooting galleries, but a 360-degree arena and enemy fire to dodge turn this archery game into a surprisingly intense workout.

2. Thrill of the Fight

Rise up to the challenge of your rival in Thrill of the Fight, a VR boxing game meant to feel as realistic as possible. Its simulation focus makes it one of the highest-ranked games by the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise.

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1. Ring Fit Adventure

Want to get strong enough to beat up a dragon? Ring Fit Adventure may be for you. This hybrid RPG-fitness game is all about building and sticking to an exercise habit, with detailed stat tracking and a huge variety of activities.

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