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10 most exciting reveals of Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022

Gamescom 2022 kicks off with reveals and updates for some enticing new games.

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Gamescom 2022 runs August 24–28. The night before it starts in earnest, Geoff Keighley hosted Opening Night Live, a Game Fest-style mash of trailers, announcements, and updates.

Here are the 10 most exciting reveals from Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022
Everstone Games
10. Moving Out 2

The original Moving Out is an excellent, chaotic co-op party game about everyone’s favorite pastime — moving furniture. The sequel lets up to four movers take part in online multiplayer and adds more than 50 new levels.

9. Goat Simulator 3

Remember that wild-ass Goat Simulator 3 trailer from Summer Game Fest? Turns out they were saving the actual weird stuff for later.

Coffee Stain Publishing

Goat Simulator 3 has... well, a little bit of everything, from head-enlarging rays to goats playing the floor is lava. The sandbox of absurdity that is Goat Simulator 3 launches November 17.

Coffee Stain Publishing
8. Sonic Frontiers

Sonic’s new open-world adventure looks like a risky change for the series, but it’s clearly got respect for just how mind-bogglingly bizarre the series’ stories are along with its new take on Sonic gameplay.



Sonic FrontiersGamescom 2022 appearance showed a bit more of its fast-paced action gameplay, and a glimpse at Amy the Hedgehog — yet another sign it’s honoring Sonic’s history.

7. PlayStation Dualsense Edge

The DualSense Edge is essentially PlayStation’s answer to the Xbox Elite controller. It features customizable controls (including swappable joysticks), multiple presets, and a button to change system-level settings like volume.

6. The Callisto Protocol

We’ve heard before about how The Callisto Protocol will blend a cinematic narrative with gruesome sci-fi combat.

Striking Distance Studios

Gamescom 2022 gave us a look at all of that, with some gory zombie destruction via an OSHA-violating grinding machine and a river rafting trip gone horribly wrong.

Striking Distance Studios
5. Return to Monkey Island

Hosted by the lad in the fancy hat here, Return to Monkey Island’s Gamescom showing revealed the game is coming September 19, which is also international talk like a pirate day — what a coincidence!

Terrible Toybox

It also revealed the game’s pre-order horse armor DLC, which does absolutely nothing, for the most Monkey Island joke of all time.

Terrible Toybox
4. Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 got a new release date, just eight short years after it was initially supposed to launch. Developer Deep Silver shared a gory new trailer and announced that it’s due February 3, 2023.

Deep Silver
3. Gotham Knights

In a welcome break from 2022’s non-stop game delays, Gotham Knights is launching a few days sooner than expected. Its new trailer shows off classic villains Harley Quinn, the Court of Owls, Clayface, Mr. Freeze — and that October 21 release date.

Warner Bros.
2. Lies of P

Yes, it’s kind of weird someone’s making a Souls-like starring a hot Pinocchio, but just look at it. Lies of P seems to borrow liberally from Bloodborne, both in aesthetic and mechanics like the trick weapons.

Neowiz Games

While we didn’t get a release date, Gamescom did reveal plenty of gorgeous gameplay, featuring colossal boss battles and plenty of creepy automatons.

Neowiz Games
1. Where Winds Meet

Where Winds Meet was a major Gamescom standout this year. It combines Souls-like combat and supernatural abilities like water-walking with a gorgeous world inspired by wuxia fantasy.

Everstone Games

It didn’t come with a release date announcement, or even many gameplay details, but what was shown caught the audience’s attention like no other game.

Everstone Games

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