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Fortnite, FFXIV, and 9 more games with festive holiday events

Celebrate the holidays in your favorite game.



Wish you could get all the joy of the holidays without all that troublesome travel and chats with your weird uncles? Turns out you can, with seasonal events going on now in some of the best online games around.

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Here are 10 cheery in-game holidays you don’t want to miss this year

11. Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t have a full winter event, but the recently revived Shipment map will be decorated for the holiday from December 21 to January 4 to make things a little more festive.

10. Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 says Merry Chivmas from December 8 to January 5. The game’s maps are getting spruced up with holiday decorations, throwable snowballs, and even a yule goat. You can also replace your helmet with snowman, reindeer, and Santa hat variants throughout the event.

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9. Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite’s 2022 winter festivities include the Snowball Battle in Shivre City mode from December 1 to 25, which turns players into snowmen instead of knocking them out. From December 1 to January 9, the Illumination Challenge lets you earn points to light up a tree while unlocking cosmetics.

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8. Hearthstone

Winter Veil 2022 brings a new in-game event to Hearthstone from December 21 to January with card packs as rewards. Just logging in before January 31 will also get you 10 free card packs. World of Warcraft hasn’t announced its Winter Veil festivities yet, but they should appear around the same time.

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7. Rocket League

Rocket League celebrates Frosty Fest from December 14 to January 3. Along with three wintry game modes, Frosty Fest keeps it cozy with music and cosmetic rewards based on the Lofi Girl YouTube stream.

6. Elder Scrolls Online

New Life Fest is back in Elder Scrolls Online from December 15 to January 3. Just starting it will get you a tankard of XP-boosting booze for the event’s duration, and a host of daily quests will reward you with some jaunty new armor and cosmetics from years past.

5. Fortnite

Winterfest 2022 brings free cosmetic rewards and the in-game Cozy Lodge to Fortnite from December 13 to January 3. Snowball Launchers and Holiday Presents are also coming out of the vault for even more holiday joy.

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4. Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s Winter Wonderland runs from December 14 to January 4. While it’s ongoing, four seasonal game modes let you take part in snowball fights and hunt yetis (or become one). You can earn the excellent Ice Queen skin for Brigitte by completing challenges, and others will be available in the store.

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3. Apex Legends

The fan-favorite Winter Express returns December 6 to 27 for Wintertide 2022, letting Apex Legends players battle it out on a speeding train. You can earn 24 cosmetic rewards by completing event challenges, including the Apex Voidshifter Prestige skin for Wraith.

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2. Destiny 2

The Dawning returns to Destiny 2 from December 14 to January 3. Event quests have you baking cookies for NPCs and completing challenges to earn seasonal rewards, though many of them are locked behind a paid upgrade.

1. Final Fantasy XIV

From December 15 to 31, FFXIV’s Starlight Celebration is. Like other seasonal events in FFXIV, Starlight Celebration will consist of a short, festive questline. This year, players can earn a tree strung with lights for their house (if they’re lucky enough to have one), and a gorgeous reindeer mount.

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