Dragon Quest 35

Dragon Quest 35th anniversary: All 6 slime-tastic new games

Square Enix dropped some major announcements.

The Dragon Quest series is phenomenally successful in Japan, but it’s never caught on quite as much worldwide.

Square Enix is about to change that.

In a May 26 Dragon Quest livestream, Square Enix announced several games that fans can get excited for. They might even convince new players to finally give the series a try.

Here are all 6 new Dragon Quest games announced by Square Enix

6. Dragon Quest X expansion

The next expansion for the Dragon Quest X MMORPG is confirmed, but there’s no release date yet. Didn’t know there was a Dragon Quest MMORPG? That’s because it’s only available in Japan. Sorry, everyone else.

5. Dragon Quest X Offline

A single-player version of Dragon Quest X is also coming out in Japan. Square Enix didn’t mention an international release, but if any version of Dragon Quest X ever goes worldwide, it’s likely to be this one.

4. Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi is a free-to-play puzzle game coming to Android and iOS. It features matching puzzles using Dragon Quest characters that have been turned into erasers, which is as cute as it is inexplicable.

3. Dragon Quest Treasures

This spinoff follows siblings Mia and Erik on a treasure-hunting expedition set before the events of Dragon Quest XI.

2. Dragon Quest III

Square Enix clearly has a lot of love for Dragon Quest III. It’s had multiple ports in Japan, it’s available on Switch, and now it’s getting a full remake in “2D-HD” style reminiscent of Octopath Traveler.

1. Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate

The biggest news is the next mainline Dragon Quest game, which features a reworked battle system. There’s no release date yet, but Square Enix is targeting a simultaneous global launch.

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