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10 best PSVR games you need to play ASAP

PlayStation has some of the best virtual reality games around.

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With PSVR 2, Sony is promising a cutting-edge virtual reality experience. Even without all the upgraded hardware, there’s still plenty worth checking out on the original PlayStation VR.


Here are 10 great games you need to play on PSVR.

10. Blood & Truth

Blood & Truth was maybe the most polished VR game yet when it launched. It’s a great shooter broken up into short chapters, each of which introduces fun new mechanics to play with.

9. Wipeout Omega Collection

Wipeout Omega Collection is an underwhelming racer overall, but it shines in VR. It captures the feeling of speed like no other racing game, so you should be cautious if you’re prone to motion sickness.

8. Moss

In the platformer Moss, you guide your cool mouse friend Quill through some gorgeous environments brought to life in VR. The adventure continues in a sequel slated for spring 2022.

7. Dreams

Dreams isn’t just a game. It’s a game creation suite with a library of user-created content to explore. Uneven and often weird, it features some of the most creative experiments you can find on PSVR.

6. Resident Evil 7

If you thought playing Resident Evil 7 normally was too scary ... maybe sit this one out. The game’s horrifying sights feel all too real in VR, making it one of the best games around for horror fans.

5. Until You Fall

Sword fighting is a natural fit for VR, and no game does it better than Until You Fall. This tough roguelike will give you a workout as you slash and parry your way through enemies in spectacular 3D environments.

4. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Some VR games can feel like glorified tech demos, but Saints & Sinners is the real deal. It’s got the story you’d expect from a AAA game, with impressively realistic combat against zombie hordes.

3. Beat Saber

A list of great VR games just feels incomplete without the excellent rhythm game Beat Saber. It’s the kind of game you can throw on to show friends what makes VR cool and enjoy basically forever yourself.

2. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Surprisingly enough, one of the best platformers in years is only available on PSVR. It’s not the mind-blowing immersive experience people associate with VR, but it makes clever use of your point of view.

1. Star Wars: Squadrons

Nothing captures the feeling of piloting an X-wing like Star Wars: Squadrons. The entire campaign and multiplayer modes are playable in VR with a functioning control panel as your UI.

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