Love and Fire

Stunning Thor: Love and Thunder concept art shows Russell Crowe as Satan

From devil to deity.

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Russell Crowe has a big part in Thor: Love and Thunder, but one artist says he could have looked a lot different from how he actually appeared.

Guillaume Geefs/Luc Viatour

Before he was revealed as the movie’s Zeus, there was some speculation that he had been cast to cast to play a very different supernatural figure: Satan.

That’s why Australian special effects company Odd Studio, which worked on Love and Thunder, commissioned Hollywood artist Miles Teves to draw the actor in some devilish concept art.

A full-color version has Satan showing off his shapely, hairy legs in this boudoir-style image.

When Russell Crowe was revealed as Zeus instead, Teves took a final pass at another Satan. He chalks up Satan’s “scorching case of herpes” to pandemic-induced madness.

Marvel/X-Factor #255

Even though Crowe didn’t get to play him, Satan is no stranger to Marvel comics.

Marvel/Journey into Mystery #627

There’s not one canonical comics Satan, but different demons who torment Marvel heroes have been called by that name over the years.

The most famous among them is Mephisto, who’s not making things any less confusing by calling his realm — which is decidedly not the afterlife — Hell.

Marvel/Loki: Agent of Asgard #4


As cool as it would have been to see Russell Crowe portray the Devil himself, he still made a hell of an impression as Zeus.


His costume might not be quite as flashy, but his performance of Zeus as a sleazy jerk is great, and more accurate to Greek mythology than some viewers may realize.

So count your blessings now, and if we’re lucky, Russell Crowe may get another chance to rock those goat horns in another movie someday.

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