10 Marvel and Star Wars Reveals from D23 You Don’t Want to Miss

The next few years are packed for Marvel and Star Wars fans.

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10. The Bad Batch Season 2

Nothing from The Bad Batch Season 2 was actually shown at D23, but creator Dave Filoni did reveal that it will have 16 episodes, starting with a two-episode premiere on January 4, 2023.

9. Andor

A new trailer for Andor debuted at D23, teasing Cassian’s path to stealing the Death Star’s plans in Rogue One. The show’s second and final season was revealed to start filming soon. Andor premieres its first three episodes on September 21.

8. Tales of the Jedi

The first trailer for Tales of the Jedi showed classic characters like Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Mace Windu, alongside plenty of new faces. The six-episode series debuts on October 26 on Disney Plus.

7. Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion’s Comic-Con trailer made its way to D23 and online. It reveals some tense moments from the upcoming spy thriller, which seems to have a more grounded tone than the rest of the superpowered MCU.

6. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania

An exclusive Quantumania trailer showed Kang forcing Ant-Man to work for him by threatening his daughter and revealing he’s killed multiple Avengers in different universes. We also got confirmation that Randall Park is returning as Jimmy Woo.

5. The Mandalorian Season 2

It’s no surprise The Mandalorian is returning, but D23 did drop the season’s first trailer. Along with the action you’d expect, it revealed the return of the only good thing about The Rise of Skywalker — Babu Frik!

4. Thunderbolts

Superhero/villain team-up Thunderbolts revealed its team, which includes Red Guardian, Yelena Boleva, Ghost, US Agent, Taskmaster, and the Winter Solider. So far, no one on the team is new to the MCU.

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3. Werewolf By Night

Marvel’s Werewolf By Night Halloween special got its first trailer, which is also available online. This tribute to schlocky black-and-white horror premieres October 7 on Disney Plus.

2. Loki

Loki Season 2 footage exclusive to attendees shows Loki going unrecognized and slipping out of time at the TVA. The second series of Loki will also add Ke Huy Quan, one of the stars of Everything Everywhere All At Once.

1. Captain America: New World Order

One of the biggest MCU surprises at D23 came from New World Order, which sees the return of Tim Blake Nelson as The Leader for the first time since The Incredible Hulk. Sabra, a mutant who can give others superpowers, was also confirmed.

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