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7 amazing sci-fi shows and movies coming to HBO Max in June 2022

“Get your ass to Mars.”

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7. Colossal

June 1

In the one-of-a-kind Colossal, a woman struggling to put her life together finds she has an inexplicable link with a kaiju terrorizing South Korea. It’s a genuinely touching dark comedy that’s absolutely worth a watch.

6. Daybreakers

June 1

Daybreakers is an unconventional sci-fi vampire movie starring Ethan Hawke. In a future where vampires are the majority, one vampire joins with human rebels to find a cure for the undead plague, which leaves even the bloodsuckers fighting for survival.

5. Total Recall

June 1

Total Recall came at the peak of sci-fi practical effects, and it’s still a marvel to watch today. It features Arnold Schwarzenegger at his best and features a twisty story about space tourism and memory erasing.

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4. Watchmen

June 1

The Watchmen movie and TV show are two wildly different takes on Alan Moore’s classic comic. The movie, back on HBO Max this month, follows the comic more closely but still has plenty of surprises.

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3. Doctor Who Season 13

June 6

Doctor Who Season 13 marks the end of Jodie Whittaker’s tenure as the Doctor before Ncuti Gatwa steps in next. The six-part series tells a single story of the Doctor’s fight against a mysterious, reality-warping force called the Flux.

2. Birdgirl Season 2

June 20

Like Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law before it, Birdgirl is a silly, satirical take on a classic cartoon superhero. Paget Brewster reprises her Birdgirl role from Harvey Birdman.

Adult Swim


1. Westworld Season 4

June 26

Westworld isn’t the singular phenomenon it once was, but four seasons in, it’s still an excellent series. The long-awaited Season 4 debuts in June.

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