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World UFO day: 7 best documented UFO sightings

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Since 2001, July 2 has marked World UFO Day — a day to consider the possibility that we’re not alone in the universe, and our interstellar neighbors may have stopped by for a visit.

(There’s a big emphasis on “may have.”)

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This year, there’s good reason to celebrate. On June 25, the Pentagon released a landmark report on UFOs (also known as UAPs, or unidentified aerial phenomena, in Pentagon parlance).

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The report found 143 UAPs that couldn’t be explained from 2004 to 2021. Many come from Navy aviators and some were even caught on video.


In honor of World UFO Day, here are 7 of the most spectacular UFO claims ever.

7. USS Roosevelt GOFAST video

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Videos captured around the USS Roosevelt spurred recent interest in UFOs when they leaked in 2017. One shows a UAP zipping past the camera before being briefly followed.

6. USS Roosevelt GIMBAL video

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The Pentagon formally released the GIMBAL and GOFAST videos in 2020, confirming their authenticity. The second video shows what looks like a strange craft flying fantastically fast into the wind.

5. USS Russell

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In 2019, Navy personnel captured a video of a triangular object in the sky. The Pentagon authenticated the video in 2021.

4. USS Omaha

Shortly after the USS Russell video, two videos recorded by USS Omaha personnel were also confirmed. One shows a craft seemingly keeping pace with the Navy destroyer before dipping into the water.

A second shows radar readings of unidentified objects swarming near the USS Omaha.

3. Hudson Valley

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Between 1983 and 1986, hundreds of UFO sightings were reported across New York’s Hudson Valley. Witnesses say they saw massive, V-shaped crafts flying overhead.

2. Lubbock Lights

Reported by hundreds in 1951, observers believed these lights over Lubbock, Texas were either spacecraft or a flock of adorable birds called plovers.

1. Roswell

Probably the most famous UFO claim ever, and one of the shakiest. The Air Force recovered what it says was a crashed weather balloon in 1947, giving rise to tales of captured aliens and government coverups that have persisted for decades.

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