New Arrivals

All 8 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in September 2021

Get ready for some arts and crafts.

This month brings big names and artful indies to Xbox’s subscription service.

Here’s every new game announced for Xbox Game Pass in September 2021.

(September 2, Cloud/Console/PC)

Craftopia is a game about ... everything if the most baffling game trailer of all time is any indication. If you want to fight a dragon in a tank or build a cow soup factory, now’s your chance, I guess.

Final Fantasy XIII

(September 2, Console/PC)

One of the most maligned modern Final Fantasy games is now on Game Pass. That may not sound too appealing, but FF13’s experimental battle system gets incredibly fun if you stick with it long enough.

Signs of the Sojourner

(September 2, Cloud/Console/PC)

Signs of the Sojourner’s card-matching gameplay is simple, but the way it ties in with your character’s journey makes it a one-of-a-kind experience. More than cards, Sojourner is about the sometimes painful growth that comes with travel.

Surgeon Simulator 2

(September 2, Cloud/Console/PC)

“Wacky” and “light-hearted” aren’t words often associated with surgery, but Surgeon Simulator 2 wants to change that. With its cartoonish art style and multiplayer mode, this is the most fun you can have in the operating room.

Crown Trick

(September 7, Console/PC)

Crown Trick stands out in the crowded roguelike genre with its more tactical turn-based combat and a huge number of game-changing upgrades. Its gorgeous graphics are just icing on the cake.


(September 9, Cloud/Console/PC)

Breathedge puts a comedic spin on space survival. Expect resource management, base-building, and — for some reason — an immortal chicken.

Nuclear Throne

(September 9, Console/PC)

To get by in the top-down roguelike Nuclear Throne, you’ll need to embrace the irradiated wasteland and gain new mutations while dodging screen-filling gunfire from less friendly mutants.

The Artful Escape

(September 9, Console/PC)

The Artful Escape follows a guitar player’s imaginative journey to craft the best musician alter ego ever. Also, Carl Weathers voices a character, so I don’t know what else you could ask for.

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