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10 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in February 2022

We won’t be “Telling Lies” about these titles.

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Game Pass subscribers are in for a month packed with indie games, plus the latest release from Control developer Remedy. Check out what’s coming in the first half of February 2022.

Here are 10 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass this month.

10. Contrast

(February 3, Cloud/Console)

Contrast is a puzzle platformer with a very clever twist. You can manipulate shadows in the environment, then jump into a 2D shadow world to find your way through the level.

9. Dreamscaper

(February 3, Cloud/Console/PC)

Dreamscaper is two games in one: Fight your way through a roguelike action RPG set in your dreams AND build relationships with your neighbors in the real world (in exchange for various upgrades).

8. Telling Lies

(February 3, Cloud/Console/PC)

Telling Lies takes the investigative gameplay of the developer’s Her Story to another level. The game plays out on a virtual desktop where you’ll comb through secretly recorded video chats to solve an open-ended mystery.

7. Besiege (Game Preview)

(February 10, Cloud/Console/PC)

Already a hit on PC, Besiege heads to Xbox this month. In Besiege, you build increasingly complex siege weapons, then unleash them to wreak havoc in the game’s satisfyingly destructible environments.

6. CrossfireX

(February 10, Console)

Remedy Entertainment’s Control leaves Game Pass this month, but it’s being replaced by the developer’s latest, CrossfireX. It brings a single-player campaign to the world of the wildly popular multiplayer shooter Crossfire.

5. Edge of Eternity

(February 10, Cloud/Console/PC)

Made by a tiny indie team, Edge of Eternity is a sprawling turn-based RPG with a massive open world. It’s not the most original of games, but its gorgeous graphics and satisfying battles make up for it.

4. Skul: The Hero Slayer

(February 10, Cloud/Console/PC)

The roguelike Skul: The Hero Slayer boasts 100 playable characters, which you switch between by literally replacing your head. Combining their abilities makes for an extremely customizable playstyle in the game’s fast-paced combat.

3. The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom

(February 10, Cloud/Console/PC)

Based on a bestselling graphic novel series, The Last Kids of Earth is a colorful action RPG where up to four players can do battle against mobs of monsters.

2. Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition

(February 14, Cloud/Console/PC)

Why play Ark rather than one of the many other multiplayer survival games out there? It’s simple — this one lets you ride dinosaurs. The Ultimate Survivor Edition includes all of the game’s DLC, adding a ridiculous amount of extra content.

1. Infernax

(February 14, Cloud/Console/PC)

Behind Infernax’s lovely pixel art is an old-school action platformer with RPG customization and a story that changes based on your choices. It’s like a Valentine’s Day gift for Castlevania fans.

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