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10 must-see deals from Steam's Game Awards 2022 sale

Pick up some of 2022’s best games while they’re cheap.


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The Game Awards 2022 airs December 8, and to celebrate, Steam is discounting some nominees until December 12. It’s a perfect chance to snag some of the year’s best games on the cheap.

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Here are 10 great games to check out in Steam’s Game Awards nominees sale

10. Vampire Survivors

$4 (was $5)

Vampire Survivors took the gaming world by storm this year. It’s a conceptually simple but compulsively playable horde shooter that will have you playing “just one more level” hours after you should’ve gone to bed.

9. Cult of the Lamb

$20 (was $25)

Cult of the Lamb is a perfect mix of cute and creepy, challenging you to maintain a forest village full of cheerful animals — and sometimes sacrifice them to appease the eldritch horror you worship. Its town-building and action roguelike segments are both bursting with fun and charm.

Massive Monster
8. Bonelab

$32 (was $40)

Expanding on the chaotic fun of Boneworks, Stress Level Zero’s Bonelab is an excellent pick for VR fans. This physics-based action game immerses you in a series of immersive, deadly challenges on one thrilling adventure.

Stress Level Zero
7. TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

$20 (was $25)

Sometimes you just want to fight a bunch of ninjas, like in the good old arcade days. TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is a pitch-perfect throwback to the classic TMNT arcade brawlers, but with fantastic art, music, and gameplay that sit firmly in the current generation.

Tribute Games
6. No Man’s Sky

$30 (was $60)

No Man’s Sky is the greatest video game comeback story this side of A Realm Reborn. If you still haven’t played it (or tried and refunded it during its catastrophic launch), now is the time to reconsider. This galactic survival adventure has never been better.

Hello Games
5. Tunic

$24 (was $30)

Tunic is a loving ode to old-school Legend of Zelda games, but it’s far from a nostalgia play. Its wildly inventive structure makes unraveling Tunic’s mechanics an adventure in itself.

Tunic Team
4. Return to Monkey Island

$20 (was $25)

After a long absence, the foundational Monkey Island series returns, and it turns out it still rules. Return to Monkey Island captures everything that made the point-and-click classics great while being way more accessible to new players.

Terrible Toybox
3. OlliOlli World

$18 (was $30)

One of the most purely fun games this year, OlliOlli World is a cartoony skateboarding game full of bizarre challenges. Nailing tricks while racing through its gorgeous levels is intensely challenging and meditative at the same time.

2. Norco

$10.50 (was $15)

Point-and-click adventure Norco turns an age-old genre into a strikingly original narrative experiment. Norco unravels a melancholy, dream-like mystery set in an otherwordly version of Louisiana, and it’s one you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

Geography of Robots
1. I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

$20 (was $25)

One of the most overlooked games of the year, I Was a Teenage Exocolonist tells a heartfelt, captivating story that only gets more interesting on subsequent playthroughs. All that plus a challenging system of card-based skill checks and a cast of charming characters makes Exocolonist a must-play game.

Northway Games
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... check out Steam’s Game Awards page for sales on previous years’ nominees and some limited-time demos.

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